Come See Our School

Are you looking for a Christian school for your child (preschool through 8th grade)? Our school, Princeton Lutheran School at 7401 Alpha Road in Princeton, has an open house from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14.You can see some special projects our students have done, tour our school and get acquainted with our teachers, and even register for next school year early! Families of current students are encourage to come see their children’s projects and be available to tell prospective families about your children’s great experience at our school! You can call (763) 389-0704 for information about the open house, to schedule a visit or to speak with our teachers. Our school website is

Our school uses classical education materials, including Saxon Math, reading of novels in 3rd-8th grade, and the teaching of Latin 2 days per week. We have an experienced music teacher who volunteers her time, spending an entire day each week at our school teaching music class to all the children. Our children begin the day with a the pledge of allegiance (including “under God”) and a patriotic song of the month, a Bible-based devotion, the Bible verse and Catechism of the week to learn by heart, and the singing of the hymn of the week. All subjects are taught with a Christian worldview.

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