It is by GRACE you have been SAVED!
Eph. 2:5

Living the Christian Life

Every Christian struggles to live the Christian life. It would be easy to do if we didn’t have a sinful nature. It would be easy to do if we didn’t live in a sinful world.This is about living out your faith.

Add to this a crazy election year! That seems to make it even harder. It’s easy to sin in our words. It’s easy to get angry or frustrated, and to argue. But God wants us to live out our Christian faith as citizens too, as we consider such things as our duty of voting.

God has ordered or organized our lives into several realms: the home, the church, and civil government. We could also add the realm of work or labor. We are hearing catechism sermons on these subjects. This includes living out our faith as citizens. You can read a sermon on this subject in our sermon archives (Trinity 21). We pray that this will help you in this area of your life.

On Reformation Sunday, we will hear how Martin Luther’s reformation renewed the Bible’s view of work and labor. He taught that the various vocations are places where — as we carry out our work — God is actually working through us. It is not drudgery to God, what we do in our jobs. It is glorious! God is working through you. As you go about your work, remember that you are serving God and through you He is providing for and blessing other people. We do this work not to earn points with God. Jesus has earned everything! Jesus has freed us to serve God with a clear conscience, and to be a blessing to other people.

We invite you to join us at Bethany Lutheran Church in Princeton, Minnesota, to hear God’s Word to us in our various vocations. To God be all the glory!